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5 Practical and Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Ideas by Jenny Xu June 9, 2022

Mark your calendars: Father’s Day is ten days away! On Sunday, June 19, we can expect a flurry of “Happy Father’s Day” texts and phone calls worldwide. For many, we will also choose to commemorate this father’s day with an appreciative gift.

If your father is anything like mine, he may be difficult to shop for. Perhaps he says that buying a gift for him is a waste of money, or that he jokes that all he wants is “peace and quiet.”

I’ve come to learn that the best gifts are those that complement or upgrade my father’s actual lifestyle, rather than trinkets, and when I hit those marks he suddenly has…no complaints.

We at Delomore wanted to find and share some of our best gift ideas for the tricky father this Father’s Day. We think these ideas also work well as joint gifts from you and your siblings.

Here are five ideas for practical, unique, and thoughtful gifts that can weave seamlessly into your father’s day-to-day life that he is bound to both use and love; and hey, some of these items may help provide some extra peace and quiet.

1. For the father that never goes a day without his couch naps

We introduce to you the Bearaby’s best-selling Cotton Napper.

Stack of weighted blankets with text “Best naps in the neighborhood”
Bearaby’s Cotton Napper

What is it?

A hand-knit weighted blanket made out of organic cotton. The weight of the blanket ranges from 10 to 25 pounds, with the dimensions increasing respectively as well. Prices start at $199.

Why is it great?

Weighted blankets add a gentle pressure that helps to promote relaxation and calm the body. The benefits also include easing stress, improving sleep quality, and calming the nervous system. If this sounds like something your father would benefit from, then we think this could be a welcome addition to your father’s sleep ritual, whether it is on the sofa or in bed!

As a plus, the simple knitted design acts well as a decorative throw blanket when not in use, so you don’t have to worry too much about it clashing with any home design aesthetics, especially if you choose a monotone and earthy color. And, other household members may appreciate having access to the blanket as well.

Check out Bearaby’s selection of weighted blankets- which offers free shipping site-wide.

2. For the father whose favorite place is his bed

Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Cotton Sateen Sheets do exactly that: stay tucked.

Bed showing top sheet tucked under mattress at bottom and slit at the sides
Kitelinens Stay-Tucked Sheets

What is it?

A new take on a top sheet that cinches at the foot of the bed underneath the mattress like a bottom sheet does but has slits on the sides that allow the top sheet to flow freely, freeing the feet and legs as needed overnight. Prices starts at $68.

Why is it great?

If your father is an active sleeper or runs warm, there’s a good chance that he kicks out the sheets at night only to deal with the repercussions of crumpled, untucked sheets in the morning. The Kitelinens top sheet eliminates the need to constantly re-tuck the top sheet under the mattress every time it gets pulled out, while still allowing for easy leg navigation and airflow underneath so no fighting against the sheets to get comfortable at night.

The pocket to tuck the mattress in is also deeper than traditional to ensure the sheets will stay in place. Saving time and effort without compromising sleep quality is truly a win-win solution.

The Kitelinens top sheet sells individually (with free domestic shipping) but can also come as part of a complete sheet set with a fitted sheet and pillowcases.

3. For the father who hasn’t updated his wardrobe in ... a while

Kick off his new summer wardrobe with Ministry of Supply’s Men’s Apollo Polo.

Blue polo t-shirt with Ministry of Supply tag
Ministry of Supply’s Men’s Apollo Polo

What is it?

An innovative polo shirt made out of materials leveraging NASA-grade temperature regulation material (called Phase Change Material) and fabric that is 19x more breathable than cotton pique knit. Self-designated “the most comfortable polo on the planet.” Comes in four distinct colors (White, Steel Blue, Black, and White Heather). Price: $88.

Why is it great?

Ministry of Supply blends looking good with feeling good by using athletic materials and science to manufacture comfortable clothes. Their clothes are made to provide moisture management and temperature regulation. Most of Ministry of Supply’s catalog is geared toward the “workleisure” category, but for this particular polo, we can see this as a sleek default choice for a beach visit, neighborhood barbeque, or as daily summer wear to beat the heat.

The best part for me is knowing the polos are wrinkle-resistant, which is a key feature for my father to have in his clothing. As a bonus, the polo is also made out of sustainable fabric.

Not sure your father’s size? Ministry of Supply offers both free shipping and returns so you could purchase multiple sizes and feel secure returning the sizes that don’t fit.

4. For the minimalist yet sentimental father

This 8-inch Smart Photo Frames by Nixplay keeps the counters clear and photos fresh.

Front and back views of digital frame with wifi connection signal
8-inch Smart Photo Frames by Nixplay

What is it?

A digital photo frame that allows you or multiple users to send photos and video clips directly from their phones and computers to the photo frame. Regardless of the photo orientation, the frame will also automatically rotate, position, and adjust the view to center people near the middle of the frame. Price: $127.49 for Father’s Day.

Why is it great?

First, if your father is the type that prefers minimalism, this photo frame replaces the cluttered wall or countertop with one frame that has continually updating photos. Second, if your father is an empty nester, the digital frame offers a way to keep in touch with your father even if you do not see each other every day anymore, relive some of your favorite memories together, or share your new memories with him.

Now you can send photos to the frame from wherever you are and give your dad a pleasant surprise when the photos update - no need to text or email, print, and reframe photos. What we love most about this is that multiple people can contribute and participate, making this a great joint present or even a family activity.

Nixplay is currently hosting a Father’s Day Deal of 15% off the Smart Frame, as well as 25% off the frame with a Nixplay Plus Membership, in addition to their regularly available 2-day free shipping.

5. For all fathers

Sending a PopLife Father’s Day card with your handwritten message is a special way to acknowledge the holiday.

Pop up card of a wallet and words “Dad, I’ll always and forever be your financial burden”
Dad's Financial Burden Pop Up Card

What is it?

3D pop-up greeting cards that are designed in the US and handmade by paper artisans in Vietnam (where these cards were invented). Price: $13, or 5 for $50.

Why is it great?

You can never go astray by sending a physical card to your father. You can add even more pizzazz by opting for a pop-up card. PopLife’s pop-up cards, ranging from sweet to funny, are a unique take on the traditional greeting card that your father will enjoy leaving on display for a while. This is also a much more affordable option over buying a more substantial gift to honor your father while showing your appreciation (or shared sense of dad-joke humor)!

PopLife has curated a selection of Father’s Day cards that you can choose from based on interests, such as golfing, camping, or, yes, dad jokes, and provides a discount for purchasing a bundle of five cards and free domestic shipping


Fathers can be difficult to shop for, but we hope that this list inspires you to find something you know your father will use and love.

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